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You can find a number of general foreign language dictionaries on the internet. To mention just a few of them:

Leo (TU München) general Ger-Eng, Ger-Fre, Ger-Span, Ger-Ital, Ger-Chin
Beolingus (TU Chemnitz) general Ger-Eng, Ger-Span, Ger-Port
WordReference general Eng to 14 languages
Woxikon general Ger-Eng-Fre-Span-Ital-Port-Swed-Dutch
word2word Giant source of links to dictionnaries into (almost) every language.

General dictionaries can never contain all terms that would be useful when talking about a very specialised topic. Here are some special interest dictionaries to help you converse in a foreign language. Some are simple word lists, others more complex, but each one is the result of a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the field!

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