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woodwindwords    dictionnaire sur les instruments à vent en bois et leur fabrication

   FAQ - foire aux questions
  • Who wrote it all?
    The base stock of German and English words was collected by Mona Lemmel, the French entries are largely due to Guy Collin. Other words were contributed by Karl Pfretzschner, Nicholas S. Lander, Liesbeth van der Sluijs, Claire Soubeyran ...
  • Why can't I find "shakuhachi" or "tarogato"?
    Instruments linked to a specific culture are usually not translated and hence were not included in woodwindwords. A good overview of the various members of the woodwind family can be found on wikipedia.
  • Some of these words are rather strange. Why are there no explanations?
    Woodwindwords was created to help people express themselves in another language, but assumes they know what they want to say in at least one language.
  • Is there a printed edition of woodwindwords?
    This would certainly be useful, but I decided to put it online instead for these reasons:
    • I wanted woodwindwords to be a work in progress. This way people of various backgrounds, speakers of various languages, experts of various fields can contribute their knowledge.
    • The computer offers more complex search modes than a book. Those are especially valuable for a dictionary of more than two languages. Although very nice multilingual dicionaries have come out in print.
  • How can I help?
    Your entries, corrections, suggestions, and general feedback are very welcome.
    To view a list of words still in need for a translation, click on the "browsing" tab and on the question marks at the end of the alphabets.
    If you have any photos or illustrations that might be suited for woodwindwords, please let me know!
    If you feel like you could translate woodwindwords into yet another language, please also get in touch. But beware - this is no piece of cake!

Merci d'envoyer vos autres questions à woodwindwords@molem.fr.